There are many questions when you decide to host an international congress. One of the most important issues relates to economy and finance. How do you get the budget to balance and where can you seek help?

The most important tool throughout the planning and management of a congress is the budget.

As a part of the project management DIS prepares a budget in accordance with your wishes and requirements. Follow-up on the budget is made on an ongoing basis and corrections are made if the preconditions for budget figures are changed.

The budget will typically consist of a large number of items covering the event expenses and differrent revenues, where the expenses will be divided into two main groups respectively, fixed and variable costs.

As the objective is to have as well-documented budget as possible, the budget expenditure items will be based on current offers, just as the revenue to be documented, among other things with statistics from previously held congresses.

Danish VAT:
Does the congress have to be registered for VAT? How do I do that? And who creates VAT accounts?

We have an extensive expertise and experience in the handling of VAT issues. We know the legislation and can advise you as to which solution is best for you. We make your VAT accounts and settles to the tax authorities, so that you as the organiser do not need to be involved.

If you have any questions about VAT legislation, you are very welcome to contact us.

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