DIS Congress Service was founded in 1952 as a part of the DIS Fund (Denmark's International Student Committee) but was separated from the  Fund in 1987 and in 1989 purchased by Henning Klestrup.

Henning Klestrup kept the recognizable initials DIS, but formed a new logo and thus had DIS a whole new meaning – Danish International Services.

On 1 January 2005 implemented succession of daughters Helle and Pia Klestrup.
Since 1 January 2008, the company is owned solely by Helle Klestrup.


peder-helleThe World's Oldest PCO Turns 60

Arranging conferences is a specialisation, a profession. For the founders of DIS Congress Service, you might even call it a calling. And the feeling of professional pride in the company is stronger than ever today. On 1st November 2012, DIS Congress Service will celebrate no less than 60 years in business – a Diamond Jubilee for the oldest Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) in the world! Read more...