Planning a conference/congress contains an intense dialog, questions and decisions in the form of deadlines, legal issues, coordination of sub-suppliers, etc. The project management is, of course, done in close cooperation with you and with respect for your decisions.

Throughout the entire process, from start to settlement of an event, it is important that the flow of information and decisions are collected and centrally managed, to ensure the best possible implementation of the project.

DIS offers to handle the entire project management or parts thereof, if you prefer that.

By using our project management you will not only have access to the individual project manager's experience and knowledge, but to the entire company's expertise and affiliated advisers such as lawyer and accountant. DIS has extensive experience with VAT issues for conferences/congresses.

During the conference days DIS will be happy to assist the organising committee on-site. For example by receiving the participants upon arrival, handling new registrations and questions/help along the way, as well as ongoing adjustments at the conference venue including the venues chosen for the social events, the coordination of various suppliers and servicing of speakers and other VIPs.

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